Improve Your Driving Skills in Columbus, MS

Ways to Improve Your Driving Skills

With summer road trip season coming up, now is a great time to brush up on ways to drive more safely. Follow these tips to make your daily commute or weekend day trip safer for you and your family.

Take a defensive driving course

There are plenty of online courses you can take to refresh your memory of defensive driving techniques. It won’t take you long, and you can even talk to your insurance company about a rate discount for taking the course.

Don’t multitask

Distracted driving is one of the leading causes of accidents. Texting, eating and drinking, and talking on the phone while you drive all take your attention away from the road. Awareness of what’s going on around you is key for driving safety.

Don’t drive tired

Getting plenty of sleep, exercising, and eating healthy aren’t just good habits for your body, they’re good for your driving too. When you have more energy, you feel more awake, which helps you make safer decisions behind the wheel.

Check your mirrors

Next time you get in your car, check your mirrors and adjust them before you get on the road. Your rearview mirror should be centered so you can see directly through the front headrests without looking. Side mirrors should be positioned far outward to catch items in your blind spot.

Don’t speed

Speeding doesn’t actually help you get places faster, and it makes driving more dangerous. Sometimes speeding is unavoidable because of the flow of traffic, but whenever you can, you should keep your speed low. Plus, if you don’t speed, you won’t get a speeding ticket.

A smart, modern vehicle can also help you stay safe on the road. Find a safe, high-tech family vehicle at Columbus Nissan.

Improve Your Driving Skills in Columbus, MS

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